May 17, 2018

Masternode Setup

TOUCH Masternode Setup


TOUCH allows Masternodes on the network. Each Masternode allows additional block rewards for helping secure the chain.

In order to have a Masternode you must have the following :

  • 50,000.00 TOUCH coins
  • a 24/7 connection running the masternode software

The steps to have a masternode are as follows :


1) Create a new wallet address on the machine which will be your Masternode.


2) Transfer exactly 50,000 TOUCH coins to this new wallet address

3) Now using the control console (For graphical clients that would be under Tools->Debug Console, for daemons it would be using the touch-cli command) enter and save this info for later

masternode outputs

4) Create a masternode privkey.

masternode genkey

5) Create the masternode.conf

This is found on windows in %APPDATA%/Touch, Linux is ~/.touch

There are a few variables to enter, seperate these with a space

Enter MN1 <Your IP Address>:12771 <Result of step 4> <Result of Step 3> <The last number of Step 3>

6) Edit your touch.conf. Same Directory

rpcuser=random username

rpcpassword=random pasword




externalip= <YOUR IP ADDRESS>

masternodeaddr=<YOUR IP ADDRESS>:12771

masternodeprivkey= <Info from Step 4>

7)Start the daemon client


8) Start the masternode from the control console, or touch-cli

masternode start-alias MN1

You should get a success startment.


masternode start-all

masternode start missing


You should get a success statement


You can check the status from the command line.

masternode status